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  • International Sea Service

    we take MAERSK and COSCO as basic platform to implement the major route of international shipping, and we have long term service contracts with the shipping line in Great Alliance, New World Alliance and CKYH

  • International Air Service

    we have stable cooperation with air lines including MU,FM,SQ,AA,CZ etc, and provide suppliers with close cooperation on local customs service to ensure your cargo delivery to buyers timely.

  • Intelligent Storage

    we build up our own container trucks, and we sign a long-term strategic complementarity agreement with van trucks and bulk cargo trucks to meet customer comprehensive inland logistics demands. With the IT technical support, we provide real-time cargo storage information updates under tidy warehouse environment.

  • Bulk Logistics

    Along with our customer non-stop progress, in the bulk cargo area, we have successfully shipped out kilo tons goods in these years.

  • Freight Insurance

    As escort of cargo security, we have long-term cooperation with the Chinese people insurance company and Huatai, provide you fast insurance service and reduce your paperwork.


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